Published earlier this week at Breitbart.

It’s been a tough month so far for Democratic Party pajama boys.

First they lost Michael Bloomberg over a million dollars in Virginia, failing to take the state senate away from the GOP, after the New Yorker provided almost all the funding for Democrats running for local office in Virginia.

Then they fabricated a hoax at the Democratic Party organ Politico claiming Dr. Ben Carson had lied and had their asses handed to them in a matter of hours, with even “liberal” CNN calling Politico’s veracity into question.  (Kyle Cheney, the Politico reporter who authored the Carson smear, has a history of writing spin for the Obama administration and being called out for it.)

And finally in Houston they were denied the legal right to put on a wig and stockings to pee in the ladies room.

But they still had hope.  Luke Sissyfag to the rescue!

Sissyfag, who has returned to his original legal name of Luke Montgomery, is the founder of the DeportRacism political action committee.  Montgomery, a peripatetic gay rights and AIDS activist known for producing social marketing campaign videos featuring profanity, sometimes voiced by pre-teen children, had been targetting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in advance of Trump’s appearance last night on Saturday Night Live.

In the DeportRacism videos an annoyingly douchey 9 year old boy drops the F bomb repeatedly while claiming Donald Trump is racist for advocating border security and the regulation of illegal immigration.

Mr. Montgomery had offered $5,000 to anyone who would disrupt Saturday Night Live, for which Donald Trump was host.

In a surprise move, SNL actually made fun of the DeportRacism campaign, having comedian Larry David heckle Trump, screaming at him from the audience that he was a racist.  Outside, a meager 200 DeportRacism supporters marched from Trump Tower to Rockefeller Center to protest Trump.  Trump’s actual performance was somewhat wooden, but Democrats were clearly disappointed.  On the Sunday morning shows former Democratic staffer Chuck Todd said Trump’s performance was “ok.”  On Fox and Friends Weekend, Tucker Carlson observed that Trump is funnier extemporaneously in interviews than he is in scripted skits.  Mediate reports that DeportRacism will pay up and Larry David will receive the $5,000.

But Luke Sissyfag’s continuation of the pajama boy losing streak may go farther, and may implicate the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Where the $5,000 comes from, and where DeportRacism gets its funding, is not known, as the PAC has only filed initial paperwork, but no financial reports, with the Federal Election Commission.  A perusal of the DeportRacism website indicates at least two other staffers besides Montgomery, a “Miguel” and a “Luciana,” each with a unique email address.  Presumably besides the $5,000 and production costs for videos and merchandise for sale on the website, these staffers are paid.  DeportRacism is already tardy in its FEC filings and has already received a letter reprimanding them for not filing mandatory financial reports.

Part one of an article published by the online magazine Medium by “Anonymous,” a purported IT forensics analyst drawing on an international network of other IT specialists, claims that code on a variety of pro-Hillary and Democratic political websites shows that they are all done by Montgomery and that his allegedly independent expenditure PACS are all guided by the Clinton campaign.  Additionally FEC filings from other Democratic PACS show that Hillary’s campaign paid another Montgomery PAC $275,000 this summer.  “Anonymous” writes:

Hillary’s main PAC, Hillary for America, paid Correct the Record (Luke Montgomery) a whopping $275,615.43 for 3 months of what’s filed as “research”. This report is for 3 months only, so a bill of that magnitude is far too high. Research might be $10–30,000 per month, so anything higher than $90,000 would be fishy. 

Anonymous didn’t publish another part of the article before SNL aired; part one was published less than 24 hours ago.  The article, entitled Hillary Clinton May Have Just Committed Election Fraud — And the Internet Found Out (Part 1)”, also claims the DeportRacism site was encoded with a “false flag” to make it look like Senator Bernie Sanders is behind its attacks on Trump, and that Montgomery has a history of cheating buyers out of merchandise and of harvesting emails and spamming people.

I emailed Montgomery and the other DeportRacism staff Saturday before writing this, asking for comment, and also sent direct messages via Twitter to Brian Fallon and other official Hillary Clinton spokespeople, and asked for comment.  None has been received.