I am personally very sympathetic to restricting – or at least not subsidizing – Syrian refugees and other Islamic immigrants, both here and in Europe.  If you can only take so many, as must be the case, I prefer that we only take Christians (and Jews), Kurds, Yazidis, women with children, pre-teen orphans, etc.  And that we vet them to make sure they don’t have violent backgrounds or intentions.  And if you want to take in some refugees, privately, maybe you (your church etc.) should be legally liable for what they do for some initial period.

Men, etc. can be taken in as refugees by Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Gaza, etc.

Among younger libertarians taught to parrot words like “intersectionality” one hears whines about the horrors visited in America by “Islamophobes” on the poor Muslims.  One such libertarianish friend posted this:

After seeing all the anti-Muslim attacks and to the extent of how far racialized Islamophobia has gone in this society, I’m reminded — once again — of my privilege as someone who is racially ambiguous. ‪#‎AmbiguouslyMuslim‬

Since I don’t wear the hijab and I don’t “look” Muslim, I don’t hold the same fear as my friends who do. I don’t have to worry about being stabbed when someone asks me if I’m Muslim. I don’t have to worry about someone threatening to behead me and throw a metal trash can in the street of New York City. I don’t have to worry about someone shouting slurs at me while riding on the subway.

Whether you identify as Sikh, Muslim, Arab, or South Asian, please be careful in our fragile and hostile world. Your bravery and resilience inspires me.

When I told her I thought she had lost touch with reality, she provided me with three links to stories – of which I was unaware – of Muslims or Arabs being stabbed in the U.S.  Three.  The first of which said no one knew if the immigrant victim had been stabbed for his religion, or even his skin color.  As he had, like many immigrants, moved into a violent, crime ridden neighborhood.  Which makes it sound to me like gun control, not Islamophobia, killed him.

So in the interest of fairness, here are links to pro-Muslim or pro-Arab or pro-immigrant pieces, none of which address my concerns, but which at least are not totally moronic.  As I think over half of what libertarians are writing about this is.

Ms. Marvel rebooted as immigrant (The Freeman)

Do most Arabs having bombs dropped on them even know why? (reason)

A libertarian urges us to attend to American Muslims’ worries about the possible backlash – like the one that never happened after 9/11 (The Atlantic)

That’s it.  The only three articles that weren’t mainly stupid.

Here are three more from some of the same sources that have some good points, but laughably have to explain away how the Tsarnaev brothers were not refugees.  It depends on what the meaning of is “is.”  Except in this case your blue dress ends up with blood, not semen, stains.

6 reasons to welcome refugees (The Freeman)

Quantify my universal bitches – there has never been a terrorist refugee (reason)

No Syrians in Alabama (LibertyMe)